SBL Revision Core

Designed for those who have self-studied the syllabus…..or those who want to try a different approach for their re-sit. 

24/7 WhatsApp support

Fast replies to your questions help to keep your revision on track

Detailed Feedback

The best way to improve your exam score is to get me to look at your work. By providing detailed feedback I can highlight areas where you are losing marks. You can make your mistake on the revision courses and avoid making those mistakes in the exam.

Exam question interpretation

I will actively focus on getting you to understand what the question is asking for and how to gain the maximum professional marks. I will also highlight the key areas that can turn a marginal fail into a marginal pass.

2.5 x Mock exams

The first mock exam will focus on the core topics but mock 3 will be based on the preseen material.
You will recieve the questions and answers but marking is not included in this course.

Detailed review of the pre -seen material.

There will be a full debrief of the pre-seen material so that you will be ready for the exam.