I have just received the email from ACCA that I passed the June exam, in my first attempt. My score is 74%. Thank you so much for teaching me last June. Your class is so interesting and your teaching style is so cool, together with so “hot topic on fire”

Nguyen Trung Nhan

Good morning. I guess you are in a good mood today😄
I am Alice who attend your revision class. I have good news for you. This is my first attend and pass luckily.
I would like to express our deepest thanks. Thank you very much for the way you teach us😊
Have a nice day.

Alice Lin

Hi Marty,

This is Princess, do you still remember me?

How are you now? Where do you live now? Everything is fine with you?

Finally, I passed P3, 65 marks, also the last ACCA exam, I can stop studying from now on, really happy about that!!! 🙂

Thank you for teaching us, thank you for giving us an interesting class and joyful class (though I am not very good at P3 :-)) and thank you for sharing us the knowledge!

Nguyen Anh Dao

Hey Marty,

I passed P3! Thanks a lot! You are really an awesome lecturer!  But I really appreciate your help that I can pass the exams at one shot.

Gloria Yang

Hi Marty,

Im Shajahan, hope you remember

I would like to thank you for your guidance and push that really make my dream come true. Now I am an ACCA member 🙂

Thanks & best regards, 



Hi Marty,

I m amanda, your P3 day class student (jun 2011) . I passed my P3— 73% :))

I would like to thank you for your time & effort in marking our homework, emphasize on “3 apples & 3 eggs “, stress on the important of time management, our check list…. the fun lessons with jokes & funny examples :)))

You are the best lecturer, not because of my score, is because of your sincererity in helping the students & taking your great effort to point out our individual mistake & the areas that we can improve further. your willingness of going extra miles to help the student is greatly appreciated.


Best Regards,

Amanda teh chai ngoh

Amanda teh chai ngoh

I pass with 64 marks. 

Thank you for your guidance & your effort in pushing us to do homework w/o fail. Keep it up! 

Ng Leng Leng

Firstly, I have to say for all its worth, Thank You for you, whom continually ‘bugging’ us for our homework.
 N all your exam tips & techniques to understand the question & get the marks.
 Everything u do… U certainly did it well for me… 🙂


hi, i have done my exams successfully, becoz you taught me those papers thank you, hehe, i sleep during other lecturers are teaching but i cant sleep during your lecture/ I anyways i like your teaching style, thank you again.

Surenkhorloo Tuvshinbayar

Hello Marty

Today I’m so happy because I pass  paper you taught me . How can you know how delighted I am?

I just wanna say thank you so much for your helpful and exciting lessons in last course. To be honest, you are the best teacher among ones who taught me from the first paper. I love your teaching method.

Again, thank you very much and look forward to seeing soon.