SBL platinum package

The ACCA SBL platinum package gives you everything you need to pass the SBL exam. The first phase is the lecture or tuition phase which will go through the entire SBL syllabus.
The course is interactive and you will be asked to contribute and develop the “idea generation” skills you will need for the exam. The course will involve you completing 9 homework questions which I will mark and give feedback on.
The revision phase will involve a deep dive into the exam questions and exam technique. There are two mock exams one of which is based on the pre-seen material. Detailed personal feedback will be provided on both mocks.
When you buy this course you will be immediately enrolled on the associated FME Study Course and can commence studying as soon as you enrol.

The best part is that I will be with you every step of the way with 24/7 support via whatsapp. We will get through the exam in partnership.

Platinum Course Content

Marked Assignments

The  Course will have homework  assignments to submit for marking and feedback. Marty’s super detailed feedback will help you score more marks. There will be at least 100 marks of marked assignments 

Original Mock Exams

2  original practice mock exams set on FME’s area of ACCA’s practice platform. (1 x 100marks and 1 x 50 marks). These are for you to practice the exam under exam conditions. These mocks will  be marked by me with super detailed feedback provided. 

This will be followed by a Final Marked Mock on the practice platform based on the Pre-seen material which is my best guess at to what will come in the examination. 

There will also be a final “unmarked mock” based on the Pre-Seen given on the Friday before the exam. 

24/7 Support

24/7 WhatsApp support. Marty’s fast response to your questions will ensure that you always have the help and support you need to address your queries and problems.

Focus Notes & Interactive Videos

Focus notes, covering all of the knowledge you need to pass your SBL exam. Interactive videos to keep you engaged and motivated.

Exam Technique & Marking Exercises

Exam technique guidance. Marty shows you the best way to approach each type of SBL exam question with detailed demonstration videos. Marking exercises to build your understanding of how your SBL exam is graded.

Structured Support with Live Zooms

The course will have a live kick off session and there will be 3 addtional live sessions during the revision phase of the course. 

Also included:
  • Pass assurance* in case you need to re-sit.
  • Flexible payments option, allowing you to spread the cost of your studies.
  • Free deferral* to the next exam sitting. Start studying SBL while you wait for your previous exam results. If results don’t go your way, you can defer SBL to the next sitting.