Marty Windle's ACCA SBL Course

Lets work together to get you through the SBL Exam

Learn how to pass ACCA Strategic Business Leader (SBL) exam with Marty's expert assistance

These comprehensive tuition, revision and mock exam courses have been personally created and written by Marty Windle to provide you with the coverage and understanding of the ACCA SBL syllabus that is necessary for you to pass this exam.

Why choose Marty Windle as your personal SBL tutor?

Helping students pass their ACCA Professional exams is something I have been doing for the last thirty years. I have helped thousands of students pass their exams including several prize winners. My only goal is to get you to pass the SBL exam with my online course.

I started teaching ACCA subjects in 1992, in a company based at Borough High Street, London and after teaching there for seven years in London I moved to South East Asia. For the last 22 years, I have been based in Singapore teaching the strategy paper at the Professional Level all over Asia including Malaysia, Hong Kong Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, and Cambodia.

I was trusted by ACCA to run webinars to train their lecturers to teach SBL and I have run seminars for the ACCA to help students get through their SBL exam.

The internet means that my course is now available online and you will be provided with the personally tailored support you need to get to 50 marks or more in the SBL exam.

What sets Marty courses apart from the rest?

Notes, Videos & Articles

Completed course notes that include exam standard illustrations (in PDF format) written by Marty accompany each tuition. All relevant official ACCA SBL technical articles are provided in an easy to use format. On the tuition course watch Marty cover the complete ACCA Strategic Business Leader (SBL) Syllabus over 21 HD tuition videos. Enjoy concise and easy to understand explanations of all syllabus topics.

Marked Mock Exams & Homework

Nine homework questions are scheduled to be attempted at relevant intervals during the course. In addition, there are two mock exams that you will attempt on the ACCA’s CBE practice platform. The revision mock. The final mock. All are marked with quality feedback enabling you to know what you are doing right and how to improve.

Full Tutor Support

I will support you and answer your course queries. This is primarily achieved through my personal whats app number. In addition, I will put you in a relevant WhatsApp group. We will also engage regularly as I return your marked homework and mock exams.

Computer Based Exam

I am confident that when you sign up for the full platinum package of tuition + revision + final mock you will pass. I give you a pass guarantee, subject to you attempting my final mock and getting at least 40% in the actual exam.

Student Testimonials

How do I purchase Marty's ACCA course?

Marty accountancy courses are available through the secure FME Learn Online website. FME Learn Online is a Platinum-approved ACCA training provider.

CLICK HERE to visit FME Learn Online website and purchase the course. The website will open in a new browser tab. Secure credit or debit card payments are accepted via Stripe. If you want your employer to be invoiced, then message me direct with details.